Collection: SIZE UP POCKETS AND COVERS (Extended Size)

Extended Size Diapers (fits approx 18-65lbs)

At Rig N' Gig, we make high-quality cloth diapers in extended sizes - perfect for older children or those who need just a bit more room. Our Size Up diapers feature the same amazing design as our One Size diapers, but these are made with a roomier and more inclusive size range.

The size range of our Size Up Covers fits between approx 18-65lbs+

 The size range of our Size Up Pockets will take you to approx 80lbs+

Our Size Up Pocket diaper is one of the largest diapers available on the market. We have had a 95 lbs. child in our Size Up Pockets.   These are the perfect solution to special needs children and children the just need the extended time in something that is waterproof.  

Caution - Not to be used as a swim diaper. 

Want to see more about this diaper? Check out this video below