About Us

Rig n Gigs was founded to bring quality diapers to parents with out the high price tag.  When I raised my children as a solo parent there were time when I had to choose between milk and diapers.  Lucky enough I was able to do cloth, it was a part time thing but it help with the budget immensely.   I don’t want to see any family have to choose food or diapers.  Now as a grandmother and soon to retire I have time to pour my heart, sole and time into building a business in the cloth world.  If I can help even a handful of parents make the move to cloth to save financially and to save a diaper or thousands from the landfill, I will have succeeded. 
Where did the name Rig n Gig come from -  When I was a little girl my late father nick named my best friend (Reighmore) and I  Rig n Gig.  She was Rig and I was the Gig.  My father passed away when I was 10 and this is a reminder of him. 
(50+years later, Rig is still one of my dearest friends) 
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