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A look at the inside of a Rig n Gig Pocket Diaper

A look at the inside of a Rig n Gig Pocket Diaper

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Our diapers are made with Athletic Wicking Jersey inside.  They come with two openings to make it easy to stuff and wash.  One at the top and one under the inside flat.  This flap is also so you do not have to always stuff, you can just slide an insert under the flap and you are done.  RnG diapers have four size options with the multi snap rises.  Our tabs are double layers to reinforce the strength.  You have two hip snaps to give you the choice of the upper, lower, both or don't snap at all.  There is also a dirty close snap to make the diaper very tiny for an 8 lb baby our use as a dirty cloth snap.  A couple other feature, the wide tummy panel to stop those belly leaks and we also extend our leg Eleatic a wee bit.  This is to make our diaper more versatile for both those skinny legs and the cubby legs.

Care Instructions

Shells - Wash shells in warm water, dry on low heat or hang to dry.

Inserts - Wash warm to hot water dry in a dryer or hang to dry.

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