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5 Layer Inserts Bamboo Fleece with Hemp/Cotton (SOAK AND LOCK) *cost per insert

5 Layer Inserts Bamboo Fleece with Hemp/Cotton (SOAK AND LOCK) *cost per insert

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Rig n Gigs Soak and Lock 5 layer inserts are made to soak up and lock in the wet. 

The Bamboo Fleece on the outside is a soft smooth outer feel, the under side is a fleece weave.  The purpose of the fleece is to soak up more and faster then the standard bamboo terry.  Inside our inserts as all our inserts have is the amazing hemp/cotton blend layers. These three layer are working hard to draw the wet away from the bum and lock it in preventing leaks and helping to keep the skin dry. 


When we did our absorbency testing we tested unprepped. Our technique was for measuring was as follow. 

We layer a dry unprepped insert into a container and pour 16 oz (2 cups) of water over the dry insert.  We let it absorb as much as it could.  It absorbed 12 oz of water. 

We then wrung out the insert until we could hold it up with out it dripping and measured again the amount of left over water.  We had another 4.5 oz that was over absorbed.  

Conclusion,  without the insert being over saturated to the point of dripping the insert held a total amount of 7.5 oz 





Care Instructions

Shells - Wash shells in warm water, dry on low heat or hang to dry.

Inserts - Wash warm to hot water dry in a dryer or hang to dry.

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